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Why BOTOX ????

Published on April 22, 2009 by

Ever since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved Botox Cosmetic for aesthetic uses, the popularity of Botox in the United States and abroad to fight wrinkles has been on an exponential rise. Today, Botox has almost become a necessity in beauty upkeep that both women and men are comfortable telling their friends and family they had a Botox injection done.

The most popular aesthetic use of Botox is to create a combination brow and eyelift by injecting into strategic locations of the face. The eyes take on a pleasing almond-shape and the whole face seems rejuvenated. Botox is normally injected on the forehead and the sides of the eyes (crow’s feet). Men and women of varying ethnicities have been treated with Botox. Because Botox works only on the underlying muscles, it has no effect on skin color.

High quality Botox has longer lasting effect. The effect of the injection should last around four full months although full muscle activity may not be returned until five to six months post-procedure. If the effects of your Botox procedure begin to wear off before four  months, it is in your best interest to make inquiries about the dilution practices of your Botox specialist and how long ago the Botox was mixed and prepared.

None of the wrinkle reduction topical creams that you see advertised on TV and in magazines live up to Botox. The proof is in the data as Botox Cosmetic was the most popular physician-administered cosmetic procedure in the United States for the fifth year in a row with nearly 3.2 million treatments in 2006 and it seems that more and more patients are combining Botox with other aesthetic procedures such as laser skin firming, IPL skin rejuvenation, or skin resurfacing for more pronounced results.

Only licensed and trained healthcare professionals have the experience and qualifications necessary to administer Botox. So before you book your appointment make sure you are being treated by a licensed healthcare professional.

Katy Issa
Senior Aesthetician
Aura Laser Skin Care

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