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Microneedling RF Seattle

Published on September 10, 2019 by

Microneedling is a time-tested technique first used by physicals in the 50’s and expanded upon in the 90’s. This technique uses very fine needles to puncture the skin in a controlled injury that stimulates the body’s healing system to produce collagen and elastin to repair the skin without scarring. This technique is used to improve many skin conditions such as sun damage, acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and aging. In addition to being used on the face, it can also be performed on the neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and back.

Visible results may be evident in the days and weeks following the treatment and continue to appear up to 6 months afterwards as collagen continues to be produced in the area. To learn more about Microneedling, contact our office to schedule your consutlation today.

NeoGraft FUE

Introducing state of the art automated hair restoration system. The NeoGraft FUE is minimally invasive, requires no scalpel incision, no sutures, and no linear scar. What’s more? Recovery time is 1 day!

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